What is the Land Surfer®?

For years people who Surf or Snowboard didn’t have anything that could challenge them during the summer months away from the shore. All they had was the skateboard… good in it’s own right but so limiting. Imagine being able to board over grass. Imagine being able to cross rocks and broken terrain without any problems. Imagine being able to turn rolling hills into veritable waves and moguls. If this appeals to you then the Land Surfer® is the answer.

The Land Surfer® is the closest thing off the snow to snowboarding. The oversized wheels of the board allow passage across most every type of terrain and the treads on the wheels allow for less slip than you would get from wheels on other boards. Two sizes of wheels allow you to customize the type of riding experience you want. If you want more speed and the terrain is rougher than normal the larger wheels allow greater speed and clearance of the board. If you are just learning and the speed is too much then put the smaller wheels on. The choices given you allow you to enjoy a smooth seamless ride across terrain never before thought possible.

With surfing and snowboarding one of the most challenging things for a lot of people is learning how to turn. Many a person have wiped out something fierce trying to learn to no avail. This isn’t a problem with the Land Surfer®. Land Surfer® incorporates a new type of turning mechanism designed and patented just for this board. The mechanism allows you to turn the board itself up to 180 degrees in either direction allowing a greater degree of turning than ever before. This new mechanism also adds a bonus for people just learning. Should you wipe out the board stays at the angle it was in when you wiped out. Thus if you bail out in a turn the board will circle you until it looses momentum. No more chasing the board down the street.

All in all we feel that the Land Surfer® is what Surf, Skate and Snowboarders alike have been searching for. Just try it once and you will see why we say, “The Future of Extreme Boarding has Arrived..”

• Completely adjustable steering at BOTH axles. (Patented)
• Instantly adjustable turning radius, from too much turn, - to NO turn. (Patented) (Don't try NO turn - it doesn't turn - if you DO try NO turn, plan to leave early, cause it won't turn - or, to put it another way, with NO turn, plan to have a very short and exciting ride. - Of course, the same could be said about putting in too much turn.)
• No springs or rubber-held trucks to push against (Patented) - just natural centrifugal force 
• 2 tire choices -one knobby, - one smooth - (the best wheels & tires by far, of all we tried. We tried every tire and wheel combination we could get our hands on - if you come up with something you think might be better, let us know - we'll try anything.)
• No leash needed - You come off, and Land Surfer® just circles and stops.
• Instantly changeable wheels mounted in rubber. (Patented)
Land Surfer® is collapsible for easy storage
• Largest wheels on ANY board
• No wobbles!
• All aluminum aircraft-grade tube construction - indestructible